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25 March 2015 - Planning D-Day

Babergh Planning Committee voted in favour of the Application by 8 votes to 4. Councillor David Rose spoke passionately about the reasons to refuse the development but his proposal to Refuse was defeated by 8 votes to 4. The subsequent proposal to approve went in favour of the Applicant. This means that we should see Taylor Wimpey diggers onsite by the end of the year.

Many thanks to all those who took an interest in the application for and against but we we were beaten by the contents and aims of the Babergh Core Strategy which calls for more houses in Core Villages.


Babergh Planning Committee will be hearing the planning application for the Ipswich Road development on 25th March at 1130 at the Council offices in Hadleigh.  The public may attend.  An additional submission drafted by a Parishioner has been submitted to the Planners and is a rebuttal of the Babergh stance on the Core Strategy interpretation.  It can be viewed here.

Posters will be displayed around the village about the meeting.


17 February 2015

A Facebook page has been set up and can be found at www.facebook.com/holbrooknewhouses


30 December 2014


Taylor Wimpey second planning application for Ipswich Road Development

A second application was submitted by the developers during the autumn and the Parish Council has responded with another lengthy document which includes comments raised. from the survey and the place shapimg events held in the summer.  A letter drop to the majority of houses in the village was carried out by keen and willing volunteers with a set of ideas for parishioners to include in any individual response.  The full PC Response can be found here

8 October 2014


Taylor Wimpey have advised that they do not feel another public consultation event is necessary as they have written to all householders and provided enough information on their website. They will be giving a brief update at the parish council meeting on 20th October (7.30pm in the village hall) and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at that point.

16th September 2014.

Taylor Wimpey proposal for development on Ipswich road


Most parishioners will be aware that Taylor Wimpey withdrew their application, and will now have received a letter from them outlining the changes which will be in their new application. There is much more detail on their website www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/holbrook-suffolk.
The Parish Council is asking Taylor Wimpey to host a public meeting to outline this new proposal before it is submitted in about 4 weeks time.
When a new application is formally submitted there will be a Parish Council meeting to discuss it and help with any questions you may have in how to respond.
We will keep you informed of progress and notify you when meetings are to take place.

Please watch out for notices.

Parish Council Response to Planning Application for 78 dwellings on land east of Ipswich Road.


The Parish Council has now submitted a detailed response to the application by Taylor Wimpey to build 78 dwellings on the land east of Ipswich Road opposite the Academy. The full response can be seen here.


Development Survey Update

The Development Survey has been completed and a Report on the findings has been produced. The Report can be accessed here.  The Report will be sent to Babergh District Council Planning Team and will help the Parish Council consider their response to any future planning applications received for housing in the village.  All Planning Applications are discussed at the monthly Parish Council meetings but any large scale application may require a separate meeting.  Details of any meetings will be published on Council Noticeboards around the village.




As many villagers will know Taylor Wimpey are proposing a housing development on land to the east of Ipswich Road.  This is the first of what could be a series of similar proposals for sites in and around the village.  The Parish Council has sought advice and clarification from Babergh District Council on the status of the land in respect to it being a designated development site and which planning policies are likely to be used when considering any formal planning applications by any developer or individual.  It has become apparent that there have been some changes in national and then local planning policies which effectively mean that whereas previously land that was “outside the boundary/village envelope” and was protected from development can now be looked at as being potentially developed for housing.  The key to being able to influence or impact on any future planning applications is to have solid local evidence to back up any position the local community wants to take either in favour of or in opposition to any such development.  It is for this reason that the Parish Council are undertaking a survey that all Holbrook residents can complete to gauge the feeling of the village so that any future developments can be dealt with according to the views of the local community.  It is critical that as many Holbrook residents as possible complete the survey which will be in Parish Papers and online.

The full transcript of the Babergh District Council statement is set out below:

The site was included in the 2011 Update of the SHLAA.  It was identified as site SB263 and I am attaching a copy of the SHLAA plan for Holbrook and a copy of the worksheet for this particular site. 

The SHLAA is an evidence document, required by Government policy, to show that sufficient housing land can be provided for a 15-year period. It does not select sites for development or make decisions about future housing allocations. These decisions are made by Development Plans and through planning applications.

The current planning policy context for Babergh District is changing for a number of reasons.

Although the current Development Plan for the Babergh District is the Local Plan adopted in 2006, it is now becoming out of date, particularly since the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012. The Local Plan will soon be replaced by the Core Strategy which has recently been subject to public examination.  In the Core Strategy Holbrook is identified as a Core Village. The Core Strategy provides for 1050 additional dwellings to be located in Core and Hinterland Villages.  Policy CS6 of the Core Strategy relates to Core and Hinterland Villages and states:

“Proposals for development for Core Villages will be approved on sites allocated in the Site Allocations DPD, and elsewhere where proposals score positively when assessed against Policy CS10 and the following matters are addressed to the satisfaction of the local planning authority (or other decision maker) where relevant and appropriate to the scale and location of the proposal:


  • site location and sequential approach to site selection;
  • Locally identified need - housing and employment, and specific local needs such as affordable housing:
  • Locally identified community needs; and
  • Cumulative impact of development in the area.

 This policy therefore allows sites to be brought forward in Core Villages which are outside the Built Up Area boundary and not allocated in the Site Allocations Document

The Council has also recently received an appeal decision on a site in Capel St Mary which found that the Council does not have a five-year supply of housing land.  In the absence of a five year supply of housing land it will be necessary for the Council to make decisions on housing proposals based on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which states at paragraph 49:

“Housing applications should be considered in the context of the presumption in  favour of sustainable development.  Relevant policies for the supply of housing should not be considered up-to-date if the local planning authority cannot demonstrate a five-year supply of deliverable housing sites.”

Therefore although the saved policies of the Babergh Local Plan (alteration No.2) which was adopted in 2006 still comprise the development plan for the area they cannot carry full weight because the authority does not have a five-year supply of housing land.  Housing proposals will now need to be considered in the context of the presumption in favour of sustainable development.  Paragraph 14 of the NPPF advises that for decision taking this means:

“Granting permission unless any adverse impacts of doing so would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits, when assessed against the policies in the Framework taken as a whole”.

This means that the polices in the Adopted Local Plan such as CR01, HS02 and HS03 against which housing proposals have been assessed to date now carry less weight than the presumption in favour of sustainable development. 

Against this background the Council is receiving a number of approaches from developers with sites in Core Villages seeking to bring them forward in the context of the NPPF and Core Strategy Policy CS6.  The land at Ipswich Road, Holbrook is one such site.

The Council will therefore need to carefully consider these proposals in the context of the NPPF and the emerging Core Strategy, taking into account the views of the local community in which they are located.


In answer to a direct question which policy takes precedence we received this response:

The NPPF will take precedence over the 2006 Local Plan.  The emerging Core Strategy can, however, be given significant weight and when/if it is found to be sound and adopted it will carry equal weight to the NPPF as it will be compliant with it.

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