Alton Green

Alton Green, an area of uncultivated land in Lower Holbrook, is registered common land and contains a pond which is maintained by the Parish Council, and a bench which is insured by the Council but maintained by the family who installed it in memory of their relations.

Alton Green is subject to the protection of the Local Authority (Holbrook Parish Council) under section 9 of the Commons Registration Act 1965. Section 9 states that “…any local authority in whose area the land or part of the land is situated may take such steps for the protection of the land against unlawful interference as could be taken by an owner in possession of the land, and may (without prejudice to any power exercisable apart from this section) institute proceedings for any offence committed in respect of the land.”


You may be aware that flash flooding badly affected properties on Alton Green earlier this year. Holbrook Parish Council has been working with residents, Highways and the local farmer to ascertain the possible reasons for this and to help ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

One mitigating action is to increase the capacity of the pond on Alton Green, through which much of the run-off flows. The Parish Council has taken advice from Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB team to ensure that any works undertaken are sympathetic to the needs of the flora and fauna of the pond.

A programme of works has now been agreed which aims to meet the needs of local residents whilst respecting the health of the pond. A mechanical excavator will undertake preliminary clearance on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th November. This will clear much of the silt and extend the pond slightly to increase the capacity. The spoil will be left near to the pond so that any wildlife removed can find its way back, and will eventually be removed by a local farmer.

On Tuesday 22nd November from 0930, volunteers from the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB team will be working in the pond to hand clear vegetation and finesse the mechanical works. The team would welcome any local volunteers who might wish to take part in the project, and whilst they are self-sufficient, would probably appreciate a hot drink if anyone is able to provide this!

A further volunteer day is currently programmed in for Tuesday 10th January 2017, and the AONB team will be monitoring the pond over the next year for research purposes.

The Parish Council would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this work may cause, but believes that this is necessary to reduce the likelihood of further flooding as well as maintaining the health of the pond. We have been advised that the work may appear quite brutal in the short term, but that the plants will recover quickly.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Clerk.